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Study for The Urban Design A.Y. 2018

"True Education is converned not only with practical goals but also with values. Our aims assure of us of our materia life. Our values make possible our spiritual life."

Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

Vadodara earlier known as 'Baroda' is a city that is covered by the fort walls exposing the beauty of Islamic architecture. The urban study was taken up by the 5th batch of RAC (2014-2019) at Vadodara in Gujarat ,during their 9th semester in the academic year 2018.

They incredible Islamic architecture drove our 'Tecktonz' to Vadodara.The journey seemed ecstatic for our students, as they were led through awestrucking green fields along the Western Ghats, rivers and long dark tunnels. Our students were walking through the city streets, spilt into 8 zones of an area of 24 square kilometers.

Each group studied about the building typologies, density, climate,vegetation, urban form and the growth of cites and settlements of each zone. The energetic students explored the city streets to collect historical data, landscape of the city, analysis of building forms, facades etc,.

The students proposed office, Bus terminals, Shopping malls, Hotels, Street Designs based on Transit Oriented Developments and mandatory proposals were design based on Parks, Bus shelters etc.,