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"True Education is converned not only with practical goals but also with values. Our aims assure of us of our materia life. Our values make possible our spiritual life."

Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

RAC has a well-stacked library and the students have the benefit of updating their knowledge in the fields of architecture, civil engineering and onstruction. The Library of the RAC has been acting as a crucial resource centre to meet the information needs of Students, Teaching Faculty and Staff Member and Users. The library is equipped with computer facilities and electronic facilities such as online resources to support the teaching, learning and research activities

  •  Library Area – 2,200 Sq. Ft
  •  Seating Capacity – 80 Seats

Library Resources:
  •  Total No. of Books (Volumes) – 3000
  •  Total No. of Titles – 1550
  •  National Magazines/Journals – 10 Titles, 94 Issues [Yearly Subscription]
  •  Internal Magazines/Journals – 5 Titles, 34 Issues [Yearly Subscription]
  •  E-Journal – 4
  •  Back Volumes (Magazines/Journals) – 660
  •  Thesis & Dissertation – 310
  •  Practical Training Report – 350
  •  Internet Browsing Center

Library Services:
  •  Transaction of Books and Thesis Report (Issue & Return)
  •  Reference
  •  Periodical utilization
  •  Information Services
  •  E-Journal Access
  •  Information Services
  •  E-Journal Access
  •  Reservation of Books
  •  Reminder for overdue books

Library Rules & Regulation
  •  Enter Your Details in the Register Book before Entering the Library
  •  Maintain Silence inside the Library
  •  No Discussion Permitted inside the Library
  •  Keep the Library Very Clean
  •  E-Journal Access
  •  Do Not Use Mobile Phones
  •  Show the Books and Other Materials Which are Being Taken Out of the Library to The Staff at The Entrance Counter
  •  The Borrower is Responsible for The Books Borrowed on His / Her Card.
  •  Refreshment of Any Kind Shall Not be Taken anywhere in The Library PREMISES.